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    Basic information    
    Product name 4-Cyanopyridine
    CAS RN 100-48-1
    EINECS RN 202-856-2
    Molecular structure 4-氰基吡啶
    Molecular formula C6H4N2
    Molecular weight 104.11
    Appearance white needle-like crystal.
    Assay ≥ 99%
    Moisture ≤ 0.5%
    Physical and Chemical Properties Melting point 78~81℃
    Boiling point 196℃
    Flash point 88℃
    Water-solubility 3.2 g/100ml (16.4°C)
    Security data Dangerous mark Xn
    Dangerous category code R20/21/22

    Safety instruction

    Transport Numbers of Dangerous goods 3276
    Uses As intermediate in agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry for the production of compound pyridine derivatives, and mainly used in the production of Isonicotinamide, isonicotinic acid and rimifon.
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